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How literature informs psychology

Psychologists, late-comers to the world of the word, think they own this information – but they don’t – because while literature expresses all knowledge of human behaviour, psychology merely imposes a structure on it.

Psychology is like a modern apartment building with many floors and many rooms, all alike, only the contents are different. Literature is the castle – there are dungeons and towers, many rooms, some grand, elegantly furnished, some cramped and damp and scary.

Do we need psychology to explain life to us? Do we need its labels, its pretensions? Can psychology cure us? Does it give us shelter?

Psychology serves us best when it confirms what we already know – although sometimes it makes its practitioners look pretty silly when they have to use brain scans and elaborate tests to get that information. It is when psychology is informed by literature and the life therein that it challenges us to discover new possibilities.

This place is about reading what’s on the page and listening to the narrative, two ways to really get the message. And the message is about relationships, families, loving, hating, being angry, being happy, being sad, laughing and crying, being outraged and doing something about it, and all that crazy stuff that goes into being human.

Here’s the bio, here’s, the book, “Bullet to the Heart, One to the Brain – a Psychodrama Played on the Page”, here are some of my radio pieces, “Family Matters, Thinly Disguised”, here is the journal, and here — some “letters to the corporation” , sending a message to all of those monstrous monoliths who think they own the world and can tell us lies to keep us from knowing it. Hey, Buddy, we can read!

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Elaine A. Sernovitz Zimbel

About Elaine A. Zimbel

Elaine Sernovitz Zimbel has been a psychotherapist since the 1970's, reader and writer since the 30's, wife and mother since the 50's, grandmother since the 80's, and now she is the sum of all of those things and more.