Family Matters…Thinly Disguised

Family Matters…Thinly Disguised was written and Performed by Elaine A. Zimbel, (c) 2002. It was produced and Recorded by Frank Opolko for the CBC.

To listen to each segment, click the play button for each track.

Part 1

1. Guilty! – Fifties guy in denial . . . Feminist or macho man?


2. Only One Works – Two-parent families in which only one works. Hello? What’s the other one doing?


3. The Dreaded M-I-L Word – Becoming a mother-in-law, enduring the slings and arrows from between clenched teeth.


4. New Being Served – In two locations. Grandmother contemplates joint custody arrangements and the kids’ double life.


5. Variations on a Theme – Single male parent with newborn, writing the manual.


6. Elian, You’ll Be Fine – Elian Gonzalez, me, and my dad.


7. Amnesia – What we remember and what we “forget,” matching stories in the family between generations.


8. Mothers, Hey! – Teenage daughters and mother rage.


9. Jealousy – The scary cure for an all but incurable disease.


10. It’s a Lie! – Or is it? Well, maybe…lying and being lied to.


11. Separation – An ancient story about earth and sky and how difficult it is to come apart.


12. Empty Nest Syndrome – Surprise attack hits busy professional.


Part 2

1. Bad Words – Eeny meeny miney moe…Little kids struggling with political correctness need a warm embrace, not a lecture.


2. Man Loves Boy – Not his son. Longing, attraction, desire, seduction, love…a trust gets broken in all innocence. Watch out!


3. Some Times at the Cottage – The sun doesn’t shine and the fish get away, grandpa swears and the little boy cries.


4. Worry? Who, me? – Foreign travel en famille with cautious grown up children, one parent relaxed and one forgetful.


5. Adulterous, To Be or Not To Be – Now in a newspaper near you! The subject is out there, read all about it. Is it good for you?


6. The Wedding, the Divorce, and the Second Time Around – A great gift idea for modern times. And thoughts about an old fashioned marriage that endured.


7. Passover – The not so joyful celebration of my youth, it doesn’t pass over quickly in my house.


8. Family Secrets Part 1 – Uncle Willy, lost and found and lost again. Connections made and broken and then found on the Internet, blown away.


9. Family Secrets Part 2


About Elaine A. Zimbel

Elaine Sernovitz Zimbel has been a psychotherapist since the 1970's, reader and writer since the 30's, wife and mother since the 50's, grandmother since the 80's, and now she is the sum of all of those things and more.